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Most of the images on this page were photographed using black and white films of different brands like Ilford and Kodak, as well as 4x5 paper negatives. Over the years I used many different cameras and film formats, the 6x6 Rolleiflex, Mamiya RZ67, 4x5 Speed Graphic, 8x10 Kodak and various makes and models of 35mm film and later digital cameras. Though have to admit, that I have been patronizing the Nikon brand since 1963.  Only a few images posted here were photographed in color and converted to B&W in the post.  Currently, when shooting digitally, I prefer to originate the image in B&W if my intention is to be black and white.  Of course, my medium and large format photography will always originate in B&W.

#913 Horse chase 18.5x30 for Pam-darker-72.jpg
francesca 6x6.jpg
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